Pick and Pack Services: How to Choose the One That Saves Your Time

Pick and Pack Services: How to Choose the One That Saves Your Time

Are you spending so much time fulfilling orders to your customers? Is your process laborious and slow? Well, if your answer to the two questions is yes, then you need pick and pack fulfilment service.

It is easy to make a decision that you need a pick and pack fulfilment service, but the hardest part is picking the right one for your business. In this post, you will be guided on how to choose the right pick and pack service that saves your time.

Pick and Pack Fulfilment Explained

Pick and pack fulfilment is the process of picking a sold product, carefully parking it and affixing both shipping label and invoice to such product. When this process is complete, your product is ready to be shipped.

In simple term, pick and pack fulfilment is any process you take after selling an item that you need to ship to a customer. You simply pick the inventory, pack it carefully in a box and slap the shipping label on it. As the seller, you can do this yourself or just contract a fulfilment service to do it for you.

Why should you contract a Pick and Pack Fulfilment service?

Picking and packing is not an easy process because inventory needs to be on-hand, well-organized and tracked. If you have much stock to ship, you need to track them until your customer receives them.

To deliver a product safely, you need to package it properly. This means you need to know the required box size and the required materials for the packaging.

You need to generate shipping labels and place each on the right package. A system to validate your customer has received the order must also be put in place. To achieve these, you need a physical space and personnel to carry out the process.

But this process is only manageable for a business that only fulfils just a few orders daily or weekly because once your order is reaching 50 and upward per day or week, fulfilment becomes so hard. It will take too much of your time, which can cause you to make mistakes which can hurt your business severely.

At this juncture, what many companies do is use a reliable pick and pack fulfilment service which can take care of the entire process.

If you contract a pick and pack fulfilment service, it will allow you to:

  • Ship your items faster
  • Free up time for you to spend on other administrative tasks
  • Provide a great customer experience
  • Avoid mistakes that can hurt your business badly when shipping orders
  • Allow you to process more orders as your business grows

How to choose the best pick and pack fulfilment service that can save your time

To save your time, this is what you need to consider when choosing your pick and pack fulfilment service:

  • The service must offer basic pick, pack and shipping capabilities
  • The pricing terms must be right for your business
  • They must guarantee to ship
  • Shipping confirmation is vital
  • Support must be top notch

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