E-fulfilment: Why you need a strong e-commerce delivery strategy

E-fulfilment: Why you need a strong e-commerce delivery strategy

Talking about e-fulfilment, it is specifically described as the pick, pack and dispatch of e-commerce orders. But how fast does your e-commerce business deliver your orders? How much do you charge for shipping? What are your delivery methods? Is your shipping company reliable?

A poor shipping experience can create a bad impression on your e-commerce business. It affects customer loyalty, your brand image and can increase costs. Aside from producing great products, if there is any other thing your business needs to focus on, then it should be your e-commerce delivery strategy. Recent statistics reveal that a great shipping experience is vital to e-commerce businesses than ever. If you are not working on your shipping strategies, it may cause problems for your business, and therefore cause a reduction in revenue.

Merchants now compete majorly on customer experience

Consumers of nowadays choose merchants to buy from based on the overall customer experience. Even if your product is the best and you sell it at the lowest rate, you are not guaranteed any sales. Consumers now thoroughly research products and compare both the products and retailers before buying. And, don’t ever think they won’t consider the shipping services also.

According to an e-commerce survey carried out in 2015, 66% of shoppers purchased goods from a retailer in preference to another because of the more appealing delivery services offered. 96% of the same shoppers also said they would be encouraged to shop with a retailer again because of the positive delivery experience.

It is evident that the shipping service used by an e-commerce business plays a vital role in the decision of customers to buy from them. Is your delivery strategy satisfying your customers? There is a great chance you need to improve on it.

What customers are expecting from e-commerce delivery

Talking about shipping, customers are expecting flexible shipping options, fast delivery and of course, affordable prices – who doesn’t?

How to improve your delivery? Consider Thailand order fulfilment services

Proper e-fulfilment takes the organization of people, technology and process needed to deliver orders to customers. And unless you are Amazon, you probably don’t have the resources for the logistics or supply chain management. Instead, it is better to outsource your e-commerce fulfilment to a company with the needed resources.

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