eCommerce Fulfilment: Your Ultimate Guide

eCommerce Fulfilment: Your Ultimate Guide

While it is vital to have a great product and marketing strategy, eCommerce fulfilment is equally important because it is it that is keeping the business engine running. You’ve got a great product, excellent marketing strategies and are finally getting your product in front of customers. You have started receiving orders on a daily basis and your business is in the position for explosive growth.

That’s great, right?

While both product-market fit and acquisition of user are undoubtedly vital to your ecommerce business, ecommerce fulfilment is the engine room for your business.

What is eCommerce Fulfilment?

It is simply the process of receiving orders from the ecommerce business shopping cart and picking, packing and shipping them to customers. Ecommerce fulfilment is not like all other forms of fulfilment because it takes place online.

What is order fulfilment?

This is the process of receiving an order and delivering it to the customer. If you are well-versed in ecommerce operations, you’ll understand that it involves a lot of processes which play a vital role in the view of customers on your business.

Few of the processes involved include:

  • Order management
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse organization
  • Shipping
  • Customer communication

But it is not necessary all the processes are done in-house. If your business is a medium-sized or growing business, it is likely you have started looking for ecommerce fulfilment services, and might have tried one already. While a small business can manage its inventory, packing and shipping, as the business operation scales up, there will be a need for additional support.

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  • Order processing
  • Warehousing and full stock management services
  • Courier, freight and mail solution
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  • Handling of returns and customer care.

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